Electronic Prague Visitor Pass

Download the Prague Visitor Pass to your smartphone. The e-Pass is a fully-functional electronic alternative to a physical card. The Pass can be purchased directly in the free application, on the web, or at one of our points of sale. The e-Pass gives you the freedom to activate and use at your convenience. The app can also be used as a guide with all the necessary information and updates.

What you should know:
  • Registration is required to activate and use the e-Pass.
  • The mobile application allows you to purchase multiple e-Passes at once. These can either be used simultaneously in one smartphone, or they can be moved to other mobile devices, but only prior to activation. Once activated, e-Passes can no longer be changed or moved.
  • If you purchase the voucher at one of our sales points or on our website, you can launch it by entering the code found in the confirmation email.
  • The active e-Pass will create a unique QR code which must be shown at each experience, upon which you will receive a physical ticket to the venue. Don't forget to keep your ticket! Each venue can be visited only once. Students aged 15 to 25 years (inclusive) must show a valid student ID card.
  • The Prague Visitor Pass serves as a ticket for unlimited travel on public transport (excluding trains) during its validity period. When asked by a ticket inspector, simply show them the QR code. Children up to 15 years of age are eligible for free travel on the public transport network within the city. However, proof of age must be presented if requested by a transport inspector.
  • Once you activate your e-Pass, it cannot be exchanged for a physical Pass (and vice versa).
See the Frequently Asked Questions tab for more information.
Easy access

Simply download the free Prague Visitor Pass app to your smartphone (Android and iOS). You can register and purchase an e-Pass directly in the application. If you purchased it on our website or at one of the sales points, you can activate it by entering the QR code contained in the confirmation email.

Quick activation

Activate your e-Pass immediately or set the activation for a later date. The activation start time can be changed. However, the settings cannot be changed once the Prague Visitor Pass is activated. Additionally, once you activate an e-Pass, it cannot be exchanged for a physical Pass (and vice versa).

Easy-to-use application

The active e-Pass serves as an unlimited transport ticket and a one-time entrance ticket to experiences in the city. Scan the QR code at the entrance to each experience and also show it on public transport if requested by an inspector. Use the app not only as your e-Pass, but also as a guide containing important information and updates.

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