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The Old Town Bridge Tower was built together with the Charles Bridge in the 14th Century and is considered one of the most beautiful Gothic structures in the world. It was originally created as a triumphal arch on the Royal Route and its function was primarily aesthetic. The whole tower is characterised by rich figural and ornamental sculptural decoration. From the 47-metre-high lookout point, you can see not only the historical centre of Prague, but also the Lesser Town Bridge Tower on the opposite end of the bridge.

During one of the repairs, two mysterious inscriptions were discovered under the roof. There are no spaces between the words and they are palindromes (they read the same both forwards and backwards). Correctly written, they look like this: Signate, signate, mere me tangis et angis; Roma, tibi subito motibus ibit amor (For your information, a sign, should you blemish me with your touch, you will be strangled; Rome, to you at once with upheavals love will be sacrificed). These sentences do not seem to have a deeper meaning, but it is said that they conceal a magic formula of power and might.

TIP: While you’re in the area, don’t miss the nearby Church of the Holy Saviour.

Karlův most
110 00 Praha 1
Nearest stop
TRAM Karlovy lázně
METRO Staroměstská
Opening hours
daily 9:00 – 20:30
Admission price list
Regular admission
with the Prague Visitor Pass
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