Limited opening hours – House at the Golden Ring

From July 1 to July 31, the House at the Golden Ring will be closed. The reason is the reconstruction of the exposition. We apologize and thank you for your understanding.

Limited opening hours – Villa Rothmayer

Villa Rothmayer will be closed from 24. 6. to 1. 7. due to floor repairs. Thank you for your understanding.



Limited opening hours – Cathedral of St Vitus

Special visitor hours:
22. 6. from 13:30 to 17:00 (Priestly ordination)
30. 6. closed

Limited opening hours – Loreto

On Thursday, June 20, it will be open from 12:00 to 17:00.

Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK in Vyšehrad

Visit Vyšehrad and don´t miss a unique concert by the Prague Symphony Orchestra FOK in the open air! The musical program will take place on Wednesday, June 19 from 15:00. More at www.fok.en

Limited opening hours – Basilica of Sts Peter and Paul at Vyšehrad

Visiting restrictions: 
19. 6. from 15:30 to 17:30 (Concert)
21. 6. from 11:00 to 13:30 (Wedding)
26. 6. from 14:30 to 17:30 (Act of remembrance)
29. 6. from 10:00 to 10:30 (Holy Mass)
20. 7. from 11:00 to 13:30 (Wedding)
20. 7. from 14:00 to 16:30 (Wedding)
24. 7. from 11:00 to 13:30 (Wedding)
1. 8. from 10:00 to 12:30 (Wedding)
24. 8. from 11:00 to 13:30 (Wedding)

Limited opening hours – Lobkowicz Palace

On Monday, June 17, the museum will be open until 17:30, and on Thursday, June 20, part of the 1st floor, including the terrace, is closed all day. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your understanding.

Limited opening hours – R. JELÍNEK Slivovitz Museum

17. 6. bar and exhibition close at 15:00

Old Town Bridge Tower

Please note: The windows of the building are currently undergoing renovation and the view in the repaired section is partially limited. Views from the tower gallery are not restricted.

Limited opening hours – Villa Bílek

The third floor will be closed from June 10 to July 1 due to the installation of a new exhibition. The first two floors remain open.

Dancing House – new exhibition „HELENA 60 years on stage“

Over three hundred archival photos, one hundred original costumes from famous domestic and foreign designers, as well as newly found original dresses from the fairy tale "Crazy Sad Princess" or as yet unexhibited costumes of the Golden Kids group. It will not only be on display in the Tančící dům Gallery at the exhibition Helena – 60 years on the scene. The exhibition depicts the career of the Czech queen of pop, Helena Vondráčková, from her beginnings with the Golden Kids to the present day.

Historic Carousel – 1 free ticket

Get 1 free ticket to the historical carousel with the Prague Visitor Pass and don't miss a ride on a unique attraction from Florence that is 200 years old and boasts hand-carved horses and carriages!

Galerie Villa Pellé – new exhibition „ARYZ – VESTIGIO“

Visit the Catalan artist's exhibition with a selection from the current Vestigio series. It follows animals and characters that are anchored in unspecified natural scenery. Aryza's work combines inspiration from Spanish Cubism, Baroque, Romanticism, Fauvism or historical propaganda posters, which are mixed with the heritage of photography and contemporary figurative tendencies.

Limited opening hours – House of Photography

Due to the installation of the new exhibition, the Prague House of Photography will be closed until June 17. Thank you for your understanding.

Central Bohemia Tourist Board

The point of sale in the Central Bohemia Tourist Board will be closed for a long time from May 16.

During this closure, we recommend visiting, for example, the TIC - Old Town Hall. You can buy the Prague Visitor Pass or activate a voucher purchased on the website here. See the unique astronomical clock, visit the impressive interiors, the medieval underground, the chapel and the view from the tower.

Vintage Tram (Circuit Line 42) – route changes

Long-term route change (April 29 – June 30)
Reconstruction will take place in Havlíčkova – Dlážděná streets. The Masaryk Station stop will be unmanned.
Long-term route change (May 15 – September 30)
Route change:
Dlabačov – Pohořelec – Brusnice – Pražský hrad – Královský letohrádek – Malostranská – Právnická fakulta – Staroměstská – Karlovy lázně – Národní divadlo – Jiráskovo náměstí – Palackého náměstí – Karlovo náměstí – Novoměstská radnice – Národní třída – Národní divadlo – Újezd – Hellichova – Malostranské náměstí – Malostranská – Královský letohrádek – Pražský hrad – Brusnice – Pohořelec – Dlabačov


National Museum of Agriculture – exhibition "The tractor"

From April 29 to June 30, "The tractor" (JEDE TRAKTOR) exhibition is being renovated. The exhibition is not open during this period.

Traffic restrictions in public transport

Dlážděná and Havlíčkova streets: temporary suspension of tram service (29. 4. – 30. 6.)
From Monday, April 29, the tram line in Dlážděná and Havlíčková streets will be reconstructed. The measures will affect tram lines number 1, 3, 6, 7, 12, 14, 15, 24, 25, 26, 27, 91, 92, 94 and 96, as well as bus lines number 207, 905, 907, 908, 909 and 911. All information including schematics can be found here.


House at the Stone Bell: exhibition „Group Therapy Collections in Dialogue“

Deutsche Telekom is the donor of an extensive collection of Eastern European art created over the last two decades. The collection was founded in 2010 and is based in Bonn. The GHMP has also managed to assemble a rather large collection of contemporary art from the 1990s to the present day over the past ten years. You can visit the unique exhibition until August 11, and with the Prague Visitor Pass you have free entry!

Guides&Tours – regular tours

We are expanding the offer of regular tours from our official guides: Charles Bridge and Lesser Town, Medieval Underground, Old Town and Jewish Quarter, Prague Castle District and Prague’s communist past. With the Prague Visitor Pass you can visit them all for free! Don't forget to register for the event through Guides&Tours at the Old Town Hall, by e-mail guides@prague.eu or by phone at +420 778 543 671!

The New Mill Water Tower is back in operation after the winter break!

The Tower dates back to the 17th Century and is a very valuable technical monument built in the Baroque style. It used to serve as a water reservoir; today it is home to an exhibition about Prague’s firefighters. The observation deck offers a beautiful view of the Vltava River and the wider centre of Prague. You can visit for free with the Prague Visitor Pass!

HC Sparta Praha

We believe that you enjoyed the matches of the regular part of the Tipsport Extraliga 2023/2024! We look forward to seeing you again next hockey season!

DOX Centre for Contemporary Art: KAFKAesque

Franz Kafka (1883–1924) is one of the key authors of the cultural world of the 20th century, and his novels, stories and correspondence have been translated into dozens of languages. Kafka's literary work influenced not only other writers, but gradually affected many different areas of culture, such as film, music and visual arts. Created to mark the centenary of his death, the KAFKAESQUE exhibition will feature works by internationally renowned artists for whom the works of Franz Kafka remain an inspiration.

Limited opening hours – Retro Museum Prague

The exhibition will be temporarily closed and the exhibition will move to a new location. Thank you for your understanding.

Old Town Hall with Astronomical Clock

Dear visitors, we apologize in advance that the operation of the sightseeing circuit may be temporarily restricted due to representational reasons of the capital city of Prague. Please always find out about the current possibilities of the visit at the cash desk of the building.


Limited opening hours (seasonal and long-term opening hours restrictions)

For technical reasons, the Planetarium is closed from July 2023. In addition, the Retro Museum Prague is temporarily closed. Thank you for understanding.

Interactive panoramic presentation

We present you a unique view, which consists of live broadcasts of 8 webcams. The basis is a camera located on the Petrin Tower, which at regular intervals creates a panoramic view of Prague, provides weather information and offers an interactive menu with places that you can visit with the official tourist card Prague Visitor Pass.

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