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You can use the services of our official guides, who will introduce you to Prague during walking tours. You can choose from two tours (Old Town and Jewish Town / Mysterious Medieval Underground) and languages (EN), with a capacity of 10-15 people per group. Don’t forget to sign up for the tour upon your arrival in person via Guides&Tours at the Old Town Hall, via e-mail at guides@prague.eu, or via telephone at +420 775 855 037 to reserve your place!

Old and Jewish Town
The imaginary centre of Prague is the Old Town, at the centre of which is the Old Town Square with the Cathedral of Our Lady Before Týn and the Old Town Hall with the astronomical clock - the smart watch of the time. From here it is only a short walk to the Jewish Town, which is probably the most mysterious part of Prague. Here you will learn more about the Golem and the turbulent history of the Jewish community and its inhabitants. The capacity of each group is 15 people

Mysterious medieval underground
Prague’s underground can readily rival Paris or Rome in its complexity. In the mysterious underground of the Old Town Hall we will discover not only former Romanesque and Gothic houses, but also the original street. The complex underground system is older than the town hall itself and the maze of medieval halls, corridors and tunnels is also the largest of its kind in Prague. The capacity of each group is 10 people.
Source: prague.eu//public-tours-info

If you book at least 2 hours in advance, we guarantee a free place on the guided tour. A detailed schedule of walks can be found in the Downloads section.

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